ASK aims to improve access to reproductive healthcare in Kentucky.

This week we are excited to be celebrating the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe vs Wade that made abortion legal in the United States!

Since January 22, 1973, the anti-choice movement has pushed restrictive legislation and created countless barriers to abortion access. Here in Kentucky there is only one agency providing abortions with locations only in the two largest cities.  In 2008, 77% of Kentucky women lived in a county with no abortion provider.  Read more facts about access in Kentucky here.

Visit Louisville’s Clinic Escort Blog to learn more about the barriers that folks here deal with every day.

We want you to celebrate access with us by donating whatever you can towards our efforts to make abortion and all reproductive healthcare more accessible in Kentucky.

Donors of $1-$20 will receive a button.  

$21-$50 will receive a hand printed poster.

$51-$100 will receive a button and a poster!

$101+ will receive a poster, two buttons and a Tshirt!!  (be sure to tell us your size and if you prefer red, green, or brown)

hand stamped posters are all different

To learn about next steps in improving access, please check out our info page.